Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Nature of Islam: Introduction

Is Islam a threat to the Judeo-Christian culture or simply just another mono­theistic religion?

For 40 years or more the Western world has witnessed the rise of Islamism throughout the Muslim world. The Western media refers to the Islamic revolution as ‘funda­mentalism’ while displaying pictures of young men rallying under anti-Western, anti-Israeli and antisemitic slogans. Thous­ands have fallen victim to Islamic terror­ism within the non-Muslim world, which Muslims describe as dar al-Harb (the region of war).

Within the Muslim world (dar al-Islam) tens or hundreds of thousands have been murdered or executed by Muslim fanatics. If we look around the world today, we might notice that Islamic forces are the main source of non-conventional war­fare, just as Communist armies and rebels previously fought legitimate governments and states, and also by oppressing minorities or dissidents under their control. Muslim fanatics all over the world, in all continents, have been terror­ising mod­er­ate Muslims or ‘infidels’ (i.e. Christians, Jews and Hindus). The story of Isl­amic terror­ism appear to be endless and we only seem to have read the first chapt­er.

While the image of Islam is covered with blood, many Muslims live normal and peaceful lives. Of the more than one billion Muslims in the world today, only a minority can be considered fundamentalists. Recently however, the number of extrem­ists has been growing rapidly in the face of Western secularism and the propaganda spread out all over the Muslim world.

Through the power of the ‘black gold’ —the abundant resources of oil in many Muslim states— Islam has secured for itself a place in world affairs and a status of political immunity. The fact is, that the Western world has been become hostage of the Arabian petrodollar, which has paved the way for the massive immi­gration of once cheap-labour Muslims to Europe and North-America. Thus mosques appear in most of the bigger cities in the Western world, and as the proportion of Muslims in Western countries increases, various socio-political problems arise. Muslims usually prefer to submit to Islamic laws, albeit their being in Western countries. It seems, as supported by various polls, that their loyalty is first and foremost directed towards Islam. Many of them are, of course, peaceful and loyal subjects, but, for example, the act of terror that brought down The World Trade Center has hinted to the West, that Muslims have probably long ago replaced Jews or Communists as the imagined or real ‘enemy in our midst’, as the Trojan horse within the Western world.


HVH said...

Why is Pakistan the greatest source of fanaticism in the Islamic world today? They don’t have oil. Nevertheless many of them have migrated to Europe, especially to the UK.

SEO said...

I had a friend from Pakistan. English Pakistani. Deeply religious. This was the nicest guy I have ever met.

The last thing I knew of him was that he went back to Pakistan to get married (pre-arranged). He never returned.

Accoring to rumours, he went to Afghanistan with the Taliban.

How could this nicest guy in the world become a Taliban?

I have no answers.